About Us
Know More About How We Started

We give every student an opportunity to be the best dancer they can be

This dance Academy was started when Talita Helberg felt a calling in her heart to reach youngsters on the South Coast of KZN.  She has dedicated her life to coach, instruct and minister to these students to the best of her abilities and create a platform for these young aspiring performing artists to live out their dreams. The In Motion Dance Academy has produced some excellent dancers reaching Championship level and Gold in Exams.  Some dancers were chosen to perform overseas in international performing arts competitions.

Anyone has the potential to be creative and we invite YOU to come and join in our fun-filled classes!

Our Champion Trainers
Talita Helberg

Talita is currently teaching all the styles at In Motion Dance Academy.  She is a Licentiate with the South African Dance Teacher's Association.  She is currently heads up the SADTA KZN Freestyle Branch. 

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Danielle Helberg

Danielle teaches Hip Hop and fitness to various age groups.  She herself is an accomplished dancer, dancing from the age of 4,  reaching Championship levels in different categories.

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Lara Meyer

Lara a championship dancer in different categories, who teaches Hip Hop to different age groups.  She connects very well with her students and loves what she does.  Lara is a super star with the little dancers.

What People Say About Us
Chizette started dancing with Talita in 2015. We never looked back. She is an awesome dance teacher that focus on each child individually. Her ego is not bigger than her students welfare and talent. She promotes and build up their self confidence. She always have a tender word for each and every child. The very best part of all is that glory to God is first and foremost.
Zietske Pretorius
Adam and Ella started in 2016. They have grown as dancers competitively and on the stage. Adam has been embraced despite being the only male dancer in the studio and they were encouraged to try Show dance couples together which has been an amazing experience.
IMDA, it's teachers, dancers and families have become our extended family and it really is a home away from home for our children.
There is an atmosphere of inclusion for everyone whether new or more experienced.  Everyone is deemed important according to Godly principles.  We have a fun mom's fitness and dance class which runs twice a week to keep us busy whilst the kids dance (no previous experience required).
Gillian Spittal
In motion dance school is a magnificent locally run business here on our beautiful South Coast. The owner Talita Helberg is what every parent wants as a role model for their children, her passion and dedication to the sport is unrivaled. Our daughter has grown up to be more confident whilst retaining her humble demeanor. IDMA is a first choice for our daughter and we encourage other parents to join this family run business.
Stephen Herbst
We joined IMDA Sep 2018 when Nevaeh was 7 and have never looked back. The teachers have nothing but passion, dedication and patience for each and every child. Talita has played a huge part in Nevaeh's life, to the point that she now is considering becoming a dance teacher herself 😊 She can not wait to be at every class as she just wants to learn more and more. IMDA is our 2nd family and we love and appreciate everything that is done for our kids and us. They have even gone as far as keeping us Mom's busy by giving us dance/fitness lessons twice a week (which is incredible 💪) If you looking to be part of an amazing family......IMDA is it 😁
Kerry Hammond